Infrared Temperature Measurement Spray Disinfection Machine Channel
Infrared Temperature Measurement Spray Disinfection Machine Channel
Infrared Temperature Measurement Spray Disinfection Machine Channel

infrared temperature measurement spray whole body disinfection machine channel hospital mall school.

Equipment functions:
Advantages and applications

Intelligent temperature measurement

Intelligent temperature measurement Non-contact temperature measurement, voice broadcast, safe and fast

Temperature measurement area length: 600mm

Human induction method: microwave detection

Body temperature sensing method: infrared spectrum type (precise real-time living body detection)

Spectral spectrum: 8-14um temperature collection distance: 10-20cm

Body temperature collection position: forehead, inside of wrist (non-contact)

Body temperature collection accuracy: ± 0.3 degrees

Body temperature collection diagram: 30 45 degrees

Body temperature collection time: 0.2 seconds

Body temperature detection output: qualified output green light on + door open,

Over-temperature output green light on + alarm sound

Face recognition

Face recognition, ID card recognition, smart card recognition, with mask reminder

Recognition distance: 0.5m

Face library : 20000 piece  2 million HD and 2 million night vision HD

Full disinfection

Automatic spray hand washing and disinfection

Anion 360 degree whole body sterilization dust removal fan ion air disinfection poison machine

Barrier management

Normally wear a mask and normal temperature before opening

Smart function

Face recognition, ID card identification, campus card, staff attendance management

Automatic disinfection of negative ions

Dry million-level negative ion sterilization dust removal fan, ion air disinfection machine,

Rated circulating air volume 1000 ㎡/h

Big data in the cloud(Cloud networking can be achieved according to customer demand)

Device parameters

-Ion disinfection parameters

Face recognition temperature detection parameters

Outline size(L*W*H)mm


Disinfection method

-Ion disinfection

Body temperature sensing method

Infrared spectrum

Internal channel


control method

Non-contact microwave induction

Spectral range


Power supply

220V  50Hz

Rated circulating air volume

Magnetic PVC curtain

Collection distance


rated power


Disinfection room isolation

Magnetic PVC curtain

Acquisition accuracy


Use noise


-Ion concentration


Acquisition time

1 second

Use environment


-ion intensity

8kv ±0.3kv

Collection range


Host material

Cold rolled steel plate

Particle removal rate


Collection location

Face recognition

Rainproof function

Rainproof housing

Average extinction of natural bacteria


Detection output

Data processing, alarm output